Sexual Addiction and Sexual Compulsivity
Dr Brenda Schaeffer

No one has carte blanche to bypass the justice dimension of sexuality, for the justice dimension is as much a part of the cosmic law as is ecstasy itself. Matthew Fox

Sexual addiction and compulsivity constitute one of the most widespread and crippling forms of addiction. It affects the most fundamental human process by turning creative, life giving energy into destructive and life limiting compulsion. There is steadily increasing awareness and concern about its impact on the individual, the family and the fabric of society itself. Sexual addiction has been described as the addiction most resistant to treatment. Dr. Schaeffer, author of Is It Love or Is It Addiction? and Love's Way, will consider many facets of sexual addiction, its sources and course and its relationship to trauma.

  • Definition and history
  • Prevalence and impact
  • Types of sexual addiction
  • Core issues
  • Treatment considerations

The workshop will include lecture, experiential exercises as well as consider the participants specific needs.



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