Healing the Spirit Within
Dr Brenda Schaeffer

Turn your face to the sun and the shadow will fall behind you. Maori Proverb

Both treatment and psychotherapy have come a long way to help a person in their healing of addictions and trauma. This workshop is based on the premise that whenever our human personality is traumatized or lost to an addiction, a vital part of our essence or soul is also injured or lost. Disconnection, lack of feeling whole, continued fear of moving forward are such signs. It is often not enough to stop with contemporary therapy. We must find ways to heal the soul injuries. In this workshop, Dr. Schaeffer, author of Love's Way and Is It Love Or Is It Addiction?, will explore spiritual healing techniques that can restore a sense of wholeness and serve as a bridge between the sacred and secular worlds.

  • Understand the body, ego, soul and spirit connection
  • Offer techniques that synthesize secular and sacred psychology
  • Revitalize the authentic self
  • Protect the gains of treatment therapy and twelve step work
  • Provide methods to nourish and heal the soul
  • Use of ritual and ceremony

The workshop will include lecture, guided imagery, experiential exercises as well as consider the participants specific needs.



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