Scripts People Live
Dr Brenda Schaeffer

The beginning of love is to let those we love to be perfectly themselves... Thomas Merton

Now is the time to take a good look and ask the question, "What more do I need to know about myself to maintain the gains of treatment and twelve step work, get to healthier love relationships, or prevent relapse?" This workshop is based on the knowledge that most people are operating from a life story that has a beginning, a middle and predictable ending that is not in a person's awareness. A life script is unique to each person and learning more about them can create understanding of the psychodynamic aspects of negating beliefs and behaviors and provide important clues as to how to change them. In her books, Love's Way, Is It Love Or Is It Addiction? and Loving Me, Loving You, author, Dr. Schaeffer points out how life scripts are designed for self protection in childhood yet sabotage adult relationships and life. We learn to adapt, not with the intention of loosing our self, but to survive. Then we get trapped in our psychic box.

Objectives of the workshop:
  • Define life scripts
  • Distinguish between Winner, Loser and Banal Scripts
  • Identify script injunctions, drivers and decisions
  • How to reclaim our birthrights: autonomy, spontaneity, creativity and trust

The workshop will include lecture, guided imagery, experiential exercises as well as consider the participants specific needs.



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