Love's Way
The Union of Body, Ego, Soul and Spirit
Dr Brenda Schaeffer

Life seems to fear love itself because the moments of experiencing its safety, freedom, and power have been so scarce.

Based on her latest book, Love's Way, Dr. Schaeffer moves beyond love addiction to challenge the participant to a bigger definition of love that is beyond the tangle of psuedo relationships based on projection, compulsion and trauma. She will illustrate how science is now validating what the mystics and poets have been telling us all along. Love is real and an energy that is readily available and eager to be used. Because of the common experience known as trauma, though love is easy, being vulnerable to it is not. The workshop will emphasize why it is essential to bring love, the most overused, over discussed and under experienced word in the English language to life and relationships. And it will stress that we are meant to experience love in all ways--body, ego, soul and spirit--and it is time to stop arguing as to which is in charge. Topics to be covered:
  • What is love?
  • Love illusions: sex, romance, and dependency
  • The body in love
  • The ego in love
  • The soul in love
  • The spirit in love
  • The intelligence of the heart

The workshop will include lecture, guided imagery, experiential exercises as well as consider the participants specific needs.

** Note: an alternate title for the workshop: What Is Love?.



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