Is It Love Or Is It Addiction?
Dr Brenda Schaeffer

No sooner do we begin to know other people than we discover their broken heart. Jacob Needleman

Love is a fact of life. No one escapes its affects. A love relationship can be a most profound experience or a place of confusion, hurt and injury. This workshop is for those who are ready to let go of the past, move beyond the dysfunction of codependency, compulsive love, relationship addiction and for professionals working with love addiction. It will demonstrate how and why most relationships harbor elements of unhealthy dependency as well as mature love. Love addiction creeps into the best of relationships and the challenge is to acknowledge addictive elements and build on the best aspects to help establish a way of loving that bonds us with others and yet allows for our freedom. Based on the best seller, Is It Love or Is It Addiction?, now available in five languages, Dr. Schaeffer will:
  • Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy dependency
  • Define sex, romance and love addiction
  • Explore the roots of love addiction
  • Offer a 7-step model for breaking free of unhealthy patterns.

The workshop will include lecture, guided imagery, experiential exercises as well as consider the participants specific needs. .

An excerpt from Love or Addiction: The Power & Peril of Teen Sex & Romance.



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