Loving Me Loving You

Loving Me Loving You

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In her popular first book, Is It Love or Is It Addiction?, Brenda Schaeffer distinguished love addiction from healthy love. In Loving Me, Loving You, she takes her insights a step further. She shows how the path out of love addiction leads to personal transformation and the discovery of the spiritual self - and she offers us a map for the journey, a guide for those who search for healthier love. Schaeffer explores how love and power have fallen out of balance, particularly in codependent or abusive relationships. She reveals ways we've compensated by trying to control our lives through denial, rationalizations, and power plays. Clarifying the relationship between love and power, Schaeffer explains, "When love is without power, we take care of others at our own expense and when power is without love, relationships are marked by pain, abuse, and suffering. This book shows us that a relationship is not "a neat package, but a living process."


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