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Relationships are like a 100 piece puzzle and we are fortunate to get 30 % of the pieces and some of the pieces we have are out of date or dysfunctional. Add to this the problems and challenges that show up to disrupt a relationship. This group is specifically for couples who are ready to move forward rather than look backward, want to enhance their communication skills by getting more pieces to the relationship puzzle, grow in emotional intimacy, and learn models that will enhance understanding of self and their partner. It is limited to five couples and will meet once a month.   What you will learn:

·      Ego states and how they transact with others
·        Enneagram types and how they affect relationships
·        Recognizing discounts and speaking to discounts
·        Identifying and communicating emotional needs
·        Healthy conflict resolution
·        Ways to nourish growth of a relationship
·        Signs of healthy and unhealthy dependency
·        From power plays to power sharing

When: Second Tuesday of each month, 6:45 - 9:15 pm
Where: 15798 Venture Lane, Eden Prairie, MN
Price is per couple per month.


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